Tasmania City Mask

  • Skin Nutrition +Brightening (vitamin C)
  • Active ingredients: Leatherwood Honey + Kakadu Plum
  • Cotton mask material for extreme softness. 

Leatherwood honey is native to Tasmanian lands, and is well known for being so concentrated and nutritional. Our skin can be worn out and tired through stresses from the day, what a nutritional ingredient like this honey can do is make the skin feel and look more active and healthy. Kakadu plum is a native Australian ingredient which has more than 100x the concentration of Vitamin C than an Orange does, and we all know how beneficial vitamin c is for brightening the skin. 

Prepare the facial area by cleansing with warm water, then open the beauty mask from the slits form the side of the packaging. Open up the beauty mask and apply the sheet to cover the facial area. Keep on the face for minimum 10 mins to experience highly moisturized and pulpiness from the skin. 

Store and keep in the fridge. A cool application for 10 mins is exactly what your skin needs after a hot day.