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Milestones & Achievements of the brand

The History & Background Of Sinicare

Domestic Retail Expansion

Over the years, Sini Australia expanded to their list of retail stores. The demand was high and retail stores were multiplying to keep up with demands. Stores expanded domestically to:
Sydney CBD
Brisbane CBD
Sunny bank
MElbourne CBD
Perth CBD

Global Expansion/Australian made campaign partner

In 2010, Sinicare became one of 12 Australian made campaign partners. executing the global expansion plan initially in South Korea with a subsidiary company named the Australian Made Shop. This Partnership and company set up was accepted by South Korea Costco, and Sinicare products have been selling in Costco Warehouses all over South Korea.

Costco Launch

In 2011, Sinicare's subsidiary Australian Made Shop launched their Special Events all over south Korea's Costco's. AMS have brought A lot of Excitement to South Korean Costco Members and was a big success. Providing Australian made exclusive items such as, Royal jelly, omega-3, placenta creams, propolis spray, high quality honey and other Australiana souvenirs.

Head office expansion

To keep up with the constantly growly distribution channels in the export, wholesale and retail channels. Sini Australia expanded its head office and facilitate all sides of the business under one roof. The Head office now facilitate, in-house research and development, manufacturing line, and a TGA approved capsulation manufacturing line.