Company Overview

The world have come to acknowledge the benefits and the uniqueness of Australian ingredients, as Australia has been isolated and disconnected physically for millions of years, nature and wildlife has evolved so differently to the rest of the world. Sinicare focuses on the use of ingredients found in Australia and develop the latest, most unique and beneficial health and beauty products on the market. Sinicare does not try to follow trends and gimmicks but try our best to provide the consumer an Australian product which is genuine, high quality and actually beneficial for the consumers health and beauty. As the nature of the Sinicare brand is based on Australian exclusive ingredients, naturally the global market have shown huge interests in the products developed and produced by Sinicare, being a contributing factor to allowing Sinicare to grow year by year, representing Australia in the global health and beauty market. 

Company Background

Sini Australia was established in 1996 by Jason park. Heavily involved in the tourism market in Sydney Australia he opened a small shop in the heart of Korea town in Sydney CBD. Here, is where Sini Australia made an impression to all tourists coming from Asian countries, of the extremely unique and beneficial products which are produced in Australia. They have only heard of these product but never had the opportunity to buy. Today, Sinicare have expanded the business to consumers all around the world so that Australian ingredients and Australian products are finally something that they haven't just heard of but something they could implement in their everyday health and beauty care. 

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