Placenta Q10 Cream 100g

  • Firming (anti wrinkle)
  • High concentration of Q10
  • High concentration of Collagen proteins.
  • Texture: Thick cream. 
  • Fragrant: little.

Q10 and Placenta is a highly sought after ingredient for its high concentration of collagen proteins. As individuals age, Q10 and collagen levels in our skin drop, one of the reasons of why we can see signs of aging. it is important to apply and absorb collagen and Q10 directly into the skin to reduce signs of aging and firm the skins appearance from the inside out. Highly recommended for individuals who have dry, aging skin that needs plumping and firming. 

After cleansing, drying and preparing the facial area, apply and massage a small but sufficient amount of product on the surface of the facial area until satisfied. 

Net size: 100g

Caution: Keep away from direct sunlight. 

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