Paw Paw Active Cream 100g

  • Skin Hydration and Recovery
  • Recommended for sensitive skin and dry skin. 
  • The pawpaw ingredient helps sooth, recover and moisturize the skin. 
  • Texture: Light and watery cream.
  • Fragrant: Little to none.
  • Day time use.

The Sinicare Paw Paw Active Cream contains high concentration of Papaya seed oil allowing the cream to well moisturise and sooth the skin. The cream uses a highly advanced formulation which holds moisture within the epidermis of skin for long duration of time and is highly recommended for day time usage, as it does not feel oily but is very light and will feel very comfortable on the skin. 

After cleansing, drying and preparing the facial area, apply before the creams and massage a small but sufficient amount of product on the surface of the facial area until satisfied. 

Ingredients: Carica Papaya Seed Oil

Capacity: 100g

Caution: Keep away from direct sunlight.

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