Royal Time Stick (10g x 30ea)

  • 100% Australian manuka honey + Royal Jelly. 
  • Easily carried, single serving packaging. 

Product description: 
When hives choose a queen bee, they are initially just a regular bee, however as they feed the chosen queen bee, they fed it in ingredient which turns them into queen bees. this ingredient is Royal jelly. Royal jelly is known for being natural and highly nutritious. Boosting balance and vitality. Manuka honey ingredient is know for It's antibacterial and bacterial resistant properties. A highly nutritious and delicious product, recommended as gifts or self consumption.  

How to consume:
A single stick contains 10 grams of royal jelly and manuka honey, this is a perfect single serving size. cut or rip the top corner of the stick and apply with precision to enhance flavour of the food/drink. 

Packaging: This product includes 30 sticks of Royal jelly + manuka honey. 

Capacity: (1 stick= 10g) x 30ea