Premium Active Propolis Complex 30c

  • Australian Listed Medicine (AUSTL 370693)
    • Maintain and support immune system health. 
    • Antioxidant and reduce free radicals formed in the body. 
    • Helps enhance and promote general health and well being. 
    • Maintain and support immune system health. 
  • Each Capsule also includes:
    • Vitamin C (100mg)
    • Zinc gluconate (50mg) 
    • Propolis (6000mg)
    • Elderberry (80mg)
    • Myrrh (80mg) 

The Premium Active Propolis Complex is our version of the ultimate immune system boosting supplement. All these known ingredients known to boost the immune system function we packed into one capsule. 

This is a bee product. Consult with your healthcare professional, if consumed and symptoms occur and persist, discontinue use.

Packaging Description:
Capsules are packaged, and air sealed in blister packs.

Store below 25 C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Available Sizes:
30 capsules Item No. 9338260005451