AHF Waterful Cream 100g



  • Deep hydration & Oil Balance.
  • Recommended for oily skin.
  • Contains 100% Australian Jojoba oil
  • Texture: Light and watery cream. 
  • Fragrant: little to none. 

Advanced Hydrating Formula Waterful Cream with Australian jojoba Oil helps smooth skin tone and boost skin`s radiance by whitening general complexion. Jojoba oil being the main ingredient in this cream, It provides deep hydration to tried skin. The Texture is very light and fluffy, a perfect cream to apply on a humid and hot summer day. 

After cleansing, drying and preparing the facial area, apply and massage a small but sufficient amount of product on the surface of the facial area until satisfied. 

Net Size: 100g

Caution: Keep out of direct sunlight. 

Item No 9338260006243